Frequently asked questions

What is an escape room?

You and your group are locked into a room and get exactly 60 minutes to escape. The only way to escape is to solve all the riddles and puzzles that are scattered accross the room, one by one. While the clock is ticking, tension rises. Are you smart enough to find your way out in time?

Are the rooms suitable for children to play?

Players have to be 12 years or older to enter the escape room but we advise a minimum age of 16. Players between the age of 12 and 15 are only allowed under the supervision of a responsible and somewhat sober adult.

Can we grab a drink or a bite to eat afterwards?

Yup! The escape room is conveniently built next to a bar/restaurant where you can get a drink or a bite to eat during opening hours. In summer time we will open the doors to the courtyard where you can enjoy a cold beer or a nice glass of wine. (Opening hours may vary. If the restaurant is closed during your visit, we'll gladly point you into the direction of a good alternative bar/restaurant nearby.)

How many people can play at once?

The minimal amount is 2 players, since less than that means some puzzles can't be solved at all. There's room for a maximum of 7 players at once, more than that will be a bit too crowded. If you're looking to play with more than 7 players, please contact us and we can discuss the posibilities.

How can I make a reservation?

It's really easy. Simply click on 'Book Now' in the menu bar and you'll be taken to our online booking system. Just pick a free date, a time and fill in your credentials. Once your payment has been fulfilled, the booking is complete! PLEASE DO NOT USE THE CONTACT FORM ON THE HOMEPAGE TO MAKE A RESERVATION!

Are the escape rooms wheelchair accessible?

At least one of our escape rooms (The Resistance / Haarlems Verzet) is wheelchair accessible. The others are located on the 2nd floor and can only be accessed by a flight of stairs.

Are escape rooms scary?

Exciting? Yes! Scary? Definitely not!

Can we enter the rooms while (mildly) intoxicated?

Nope! You need to be sharp! Also, most of our interior is actually original and very old, close to antique. So we can't have you barging around all tipsy/drunk/high and whatnot. Should one of our hosts feel that someone has entered the escape room while intoxicated, they are allowed to remove that person or even end the game for the whole group.

Can I cancel my reservation?

You can up until 48 hours before the starting time of your game. You'll find a link to cancel the reservation in the email you've received when you booked. If you cannot find it anymore, please send us an email and we'll contact you about the cancellation of your booking. You'll get a full refund. If you wish to cancel within 48 hours before the starting time of your game, there will be no refund.